WCRI Florida Division

Many pharmaceuticals originate from naturally occurring sources particularly as extracts of plant materials. The coastal and brackish bay water regions of Florida provide a wealth of plant species. The Apalachicola and Chattahoochee river basins provide rich biodiversity due to their unusual geology including caves and sink holes. Tallahassee, Florida is located in the middle of this lush region and provides two universities that can aide in the research activities of our organization. In short, this area provides great potential for research laboratories, such as ours, that are seeking novel solutions to the treatment of cancer.

WCRI has made this wonderful research location the home for its Florida Division .

The Natural Products Laboratory is working on the extraction, purification and chemical identification of potential anticancer agents from natural sources (Natural Products Laboratory).There is also a cell culture laboratory to study the effects of natural plant products on both human and mouse cancer cells (Cell Biology Laboratory).


Natural Products Laboratory        Cell Biology Laboratory